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May 31
Safety Tips Garage Door

Safety Tips: Garage Door

Safety tips for a garage door are as follows: If springs break it can result in the door malfunctioning and injury can occur. Frayed cables could snap and cause injury. Checking to see if your springs are squeaky- this is not cause for concern, they may squeak due to use. Its better to let a trained professional install your garage door, but if you decide to do it yourself make sure to follow the manual to a T. Safety cables will keep you safe if a spring with high tensions starts to break.

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May 23
Rolling Sheet vs. Rolling Slat Doors

Rolling Sheet vs. Rolling Slat Doors

Rolling doors and rolling slat doors look similar from far away but up close the two are very different. “Sheet doors have a continuous connection of horizontal members acting as a solid curtain. Slat doors comprise interlocking slats. Guides for sheet doors are light-gauge metal; slat door guides are structural steel angles” (Barry Allen). Rolling sheet doors are mostly used in commercial jobs and rolling slat doors are mostly used for heavy uses.

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