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What customers want in a Garage Door

What customers want in a Garage Door

By: Apple Door Systems | Sep 15, 2020 | Garage Doors

A recent landmark industry survey helps customers decide what is the most important to them when purchasing a new garage door. Instead of going door to door asking garage door owners what was important to them, they asked door dealers what was important to their customers. This survey also can appeal to people that own different garage doors, whether it is commercial or residential. The companies taking place in the survey were asked to rate importance by 7 different percent choices: 0%, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, and 100%. If the company gave a level of importance as 30%, then it was a score of 30, if they chose 90% importance, then it would receive a score of 90, etc. The survey asked 267 residential door dealers the same question, “How important are the following priorities to your typical customer who is shopping for a garage door?” The top five priorities include: 1. Appearance/Curb appeal with 78.9% importance. 2. Price with 78.3% importance. 3. Durability with 73.5% importance. 4. Low Maintenance with 67.9% importance. 5. Warranty with 65.5% importance. Most companies think that price is the most important but according to this survey appearance is topping price. “Many customers don’t know what they want, but they respond well to the upsell when they understand the reasons for a quality door,” said Peter Eldridge of Raynor Hawaii Overhead Door. The survey also asked 226 commercial door dealers, d, “How important are the following priorities to your typical customer who is shopping for a commercial/industrial garage door?” The top 6 priorities include: 1. Price with 81.4% importance. 2. Durability with 72.7% importance. 3. Garage/Building security with 68.8% importance. 4. Thermal insulation with 62.8% importance. 5. Low maintenance with 61.5% importance. 6. Warranty with 54.9% importance.

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