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Did I Leave My Garage Door Open This Morning?

Did I Leave My Garage Door Open This Morning?

By: Apple Door Systems | Mar 11, 2020 | Garage Doors

With everything being fast paced in our daily lives - from getting ready for work, getting the kids out the door on time for school or walking the dog - you may have left the house & suddenly wondered if you remembered to close your garage door!

With today’s new technologies and LiftMaster’s series of garage door openers, you will feel secure in knowing that your garage door is closed and your house is secured. LiftMaster now offers a feature called MyQ. You simply install the app on your smartphone and you can monitor & control your garage door from wherever you are.

The advantage of LiftMaster and the MyQ app is that you stay connected to your home at all times. With the all-in-one security, there is no need to purchase separate accessories & pay for their installation to know your garage is secure. The PosiLock electronically monitors against forced openings so you don’t have to worry about someone lifting up the door.

Additional features to ensure your family can get in & out safely at all times include the 825LM - a remote light control that can turn on & off any lamp so you never have to come home to a dark house and the 829LM - a garage door & gate monitor so you will be able to tell if the garage is open from any room in your house. You can also install an 877MAX keypad that allows you to use a custom 4-digit PIN to open & close your garage door.

The LiftMaster Series has a lifetime warranty on the motor & the belt and is designed to ensure that your garage is as safe as it can be. Call Apple Door Systems today at 804-674-7774 to get a quote on installing a new LiftMaster opener!

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