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Bronze VMA Safety Award from the MSI

Bronze VMA Safety Award from the MSI

By: Apple Door Systems | Oct 02, 2019 |


Apple Door Systems has been awarded the Bronze VMA Safety Award from the MSI, the VMA Workforce solutions group.

In the last year, over 19,000 safety courses were viewed online and almost 2,000 ISRT certificates were achieved. The VMA presented twenty-seven (27) gold, ten (10) silver, and twelve (12) bronze awards on September 18th at the 17th Annual Virginia Environmental Health and Safety Conference (VEHS). Gold Level achievers commit to 75% or more of their qualified workforce to successfully complete the ISRT on an annual basis, Silver Level achievers 50% and Bronze Level 25%. To win the VMA Safety Award, manufacturing contractors could not have had any significant recordable injuries or illnesses reported to Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) this year.

The ISRT goal is to contribute to a reduction in workforce injuries and a higher degree of liability control. The 2019 VMA Chairman's Award was announced at VEHS and will be the pinnacle of safety awards awarded by the VMA in 2019.

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