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Apple demonstrates

Apple demonstrates "horse sense"

By: Apple Door Systems | May 05, 2015 | Awnings

Cynthia F. of Gloucester had a problem. Her horses would stick their noses out of their stalls and get sunburned. Since there was no overhang covering the doors, when the bottom doors were closed they would naturally poke their heads out and be right in the sun. Cynthia called Apple Door looking for a solution. Billy Hensley evaluated the situation and determined that the horses needed shade just outside of their stalls. So Billy suggested we install two of our ShadeMaster 2500 fixed aluminum awnings. By making them 7ft wide with a 5ft projection, the horses would have just enough shade to keep the sun off of them. Our technician, Rob Stephenson, installed the awnings in a way that maintained the full door opening height. The bergundy color chosen complimented the rustic look of the barn. Now Mrs. Freeman is happy, but most importantly, her Horses can enjoy a little added living space without getting a sunburn.

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