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AutoDeck Flooring

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AutoDeck Flooring

The most practical and easy-to-install modular garage and industrial floor anywhere. Whether you are looking to renew your garage, add color to a showroom or need a slip-resistant floor anywhere, we've got the flooring solution for you. With over 40 different portable tiles, we've got something for every need or application you may have.


AutoDeck is a one-square foot modular flooring tile that easily allows you to create a raised, dry, slip-resistant surface that never has to be refinished. It is UV-stabilized so the colors won't ever fade. The tiles are resistant to chemicals such as oil, grease and brake fluid. AutoDeck helps you keep you and your car, clean and dry. Choose from the wide range of colors to create the look you want. AutoDeck connects easily using Signature's simple pressure tab-and-loop connection system. Our connection system contains 7 connection points on each side (other tiles have 4, making it more difficult to connect) - allowing for easy connectivity and a super secure fit. Tiles will not separate under pressure once they are connected.

Complete the floor with our edging pieces to close off connection points and eliminate any tripping hazards. The edging also provides a slightly sloped transition to the floor making it easy to drive onto. With 4 types of AutoDeck tiles to choose from, you can mix and match tile styles to suit your application and needs. AutoDeck Applications include: Airplane Hangars, Basements, Locker Rooms, Roof Decks, Shop Floors, Exercise Rooms, and more.

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