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The worst time to buy a storm door is right after a big rain or snow.

The worst time to buy a storm door is right after a big rain or snow.

By: Apple Door Systems | Dec 13, 2021 | Entry Doors

The worst time to buy a storm door is right after a big rain or snow. 

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The worst time to buy a storm door

Why?  The emotional desire to be rid of an old aluminum storm door that no longer looks attractive or functions well could drive a homeowner to a hasty, ill-advised purchase.

Before you rush out to the nearest big box store, you'll want to consider the differences between a custom screen door and standard aluminum storm door, and decide what type of storm door quality, glass options and aesthetics will satisfy you for the many years you'll own, use and look at that door.

Three primary factors help a homeowner determine the best quality screen door:  aluminum thickness, storm door construction and paint finish. Other factors that impact a storm door's functionality and suitability include style, glass and hardware options and door options like retractable screens, pet doors and mail slots.

ProVia is pleased to offer screen and storm doors that can be checked off in every one of those boxes.

54 Aluminum Storm Doors to Choose From

With 54 aluminum storm doors, all available in custom sizes (1/8" increments), and numerous glass and screen options, ProVia's five storm door series provide a comprehensive selection to satisfy the requirements of any homeowner.

The company's Spectrum™, Decorator™, Deluxe™ and DuraGuard™ custom storm door collections offer the most durable storm door construction in the industry, with an aluminum wall thickness up to 20% greater than industry standard and a multi-hollow construction that provides greater strength and less risk of denting than standard storm doors.  For increased structural integrity and durability, the outside corners are secured to corrosion-proof composite gussets.  Corner keys provide added support to the inside of the door frame. And, special bottom sweeps prevent drafts.

ProVia storm doors are shipped pre-hung, which ensures a more professional installation and reduces instances of doors not being plumb and square.

In addition to the increased aluminum thickness and superior storm door construction, ProVia's custom screen doors are among the most attractive in the industry.  A proprietary paint process ensures long-term scratch- and fade-resistance, enabling the company to provide a Lifetime Finish Warranty for all its storm doors.  As with its other exterior home building products, ProVia's storm doors exemplify its mission “to serve by caring for details in ways others won't." 

ProVia conducts rigorous hardness and scuff testing on the paint finish for each batch of aluminum screen doors to ensure consistent quality.  Additional details, like color-matched screw covers, door glass clips and closers, set ProVia's storm doors apart in overall aesthetic quality.

Many Storm Door Customization Options

A wide array of door styles, glass and screen options as well as accessories enables homeowners to customize their storm doors for maximum impact.  ProVia offers many choices for decorative beveled glass or hand-stained Inspirations™ art glass that turn a simple storm door into a piece of art.

Screen features include the InVent™ retractable screen system with ProVia's Spectrum storm doors,  BetterVue™ fiberglass screens with the Deluxe series, or a super-sturdy, non-removable .023 stainless steel screen for the DuraGuard series, ideal for protecting small children and pets.

ProVia offers a variety of hardware styles, including Mortise solid brass handle sets.  Mortise hardware enables homeowners to use the same key for both their storm door and ProVia entry door.

The company also offers a more standard storm door option with its Superview™ series.

An aluminum storm door is a purchase that homeowners won't make often, so the best time to buy is when one has time to consider and choose the custom storm door that provides the most functionality and aesthetic appeal for their home.

Decorator Construction

Construction Spectrum™ Decorator™ Deluxe™ DuraGuard™ Superview™
1 InVent™ Retractable Screen System dot
2 Outside corners are secured to corrosion-proof gussets, for structural integrity dot dot dot dot dot
3 Color matched aluminum installation screw covers enhance the appearance of your door dot dot dot dot dot
4 The bottom sweep eliminates drafts Triple Triple Double Double Single
5 The sculptured frame adds durability 11/4" x 4316" 11/4" x 4" 11/4" x 358" 11/4" x 358" 11/4" x 258"
6 Multi-hollow construction provides greater strength and security than standard storm doors dot dot dot dot
7 The reinforced aluminum kick panel adds durability dot dot
8 The aluminum kick panel resists rust and adds strength dot dot
9 Corner keys provide added support to the inside of the door frame dot dot dot dot
10 Aluminum wall thickness up to 20% thicker than industry standard dot dot dot dot
11 The .023 gauge stainless steel screen offers extra security and protection (12 x 12 mesh) dot
12 Sash/Screen secured by internal lock system or color matched polycarbonate clips Internal Lock Clips Clips Clips
13 Standard insulated frame core to help reduce air movement dot
14 Screen included dot Optional dot dot dot

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